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Radio amateur stuff:
Go directly to the Digital Wattmeter Project
My HAM Radio Equipment
My Morse keyer collection
AP2000 Info and Modifications page, with Schematics and Pictures
AP700 Info and Modifications page
Radio Contacts Wave sound files Download Listen to your own voice from my QTH !
My QSL cards I don't collect QSL cards normaly, but sometime I get one
Online Logbook for HF - Online Logbook for VHF and UHF
Mobile DX Expiditions setup, read about a 15 meter tall antenne on top of my car !
Amateur Frequencies
HAM Links only HAM related links

Homemade Electronics stuff:
My homemade electronics stuff Nixie tube clocks - IR - EPROM - Counters - Chargers - and 30 other things.

Homemade PC modifications stuff:
Watercooling, Powersupply mods, Fan regulator, Noise reduction, LCD temperature monitor, and more

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