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Hot-Mouse modified PC mouse with heat inside
Watercooling (part 1) CPU - CHIPSET - GFX - HD
Watercooling (part 2) ATX PSU 400W with H2O
Watercooling (part 3a) Car radiator or not ??
Watercooling (part 3b) Car radiator modification
Watercooling (part 3c) ZERO FAN Radiator NOT COMPLETE !
Watercooling (part 3d) ZERO FAN Radiator 2
Watercooling (part 4) Test Results
Motherboard powersupply cooling
LED temperature display with PIC16F876
Noise reduction with special foam
Fan speed temperature regulator
ATX powersupply with AC on/off power output
PC powersaver USB controlled mains on/off
Harddisk and floppy ribbon cable flat to round for free
Modified PC 200 Watt Powersupply 13.5 Volt 14 Amp. cont. 20 Amp. peak
Modified PC 400 Watt Powersupply 13.7 Volt 18 Amp. cont. 30 Amp. peak

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