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Switchmode TL494 12V to 2kV regulated Push-Pull

Please dont make this, if it is your first electronics diy project !
this type of transformator and the shown drive circuit can deliver 20-30 watt at 2kV
it is plenty to make your family sad..

Large TV sets with CFL backlight use large boards with 12V to 2kV transformators

This type of TV set is about to be vintage, so people throw them out all the time
Go get a few, score the transformator boards, measure them and use the best

They are specially made for good isolation distance

Today i liked this model the most

First crasy expeciment, lets see how much power the TL494 can deliver all alone
that was not funny, only a few hundrede volts, and not a lot of kick..

lets add some more hefty FETs

that was a lot better, also lets uptimice the circuit

Here is my schematic, start with R8 = 1Meg, you get about 500V out, pr 1Meg you put in series

so here I use four 1Meg in series, now I get 2kV out

same circuit from many angles

https://youtu.be/WPruls5KfbQ Youtube video about this project, with English subs


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