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Robot 100kg the jeep, some work in progress, pictures, videos, details

Here is the story of my little Robot, the 100kg "jeep" as i like to call it.
this page is NOT done yet !! it is mainly made for my own use so i can look up stuff while i work
so if you think this page is a mess : come back another month or two :-)

So far this project folder contain: 304 pictures, scaled down to 800 width, 200-300kb each = 63MB
So I was forced to create a number of sub pages, here we go:

Battery 2 x 12V 55Ah Camera and Dist Sensors Charger and its upgrade

First drive test Joystick full details Motor Controller mods

Motor Controller original Motor many details Power Dist. Panel

Mecanical parts Wireless and R/C Lights

Electronics Wheels and Tires -

Video section.

Playing with PID parameters, not that easy

Remote control link and the PTZ camera

Video Wireless link

Sonic range sensors

Camera arduino serial control and its amazing zoom range

Motor tacho optical and amplifier, 50 pulses pr motor rev, motor to wheel 20:1 ratio, 1mm robot move = 1 pulse

Tacho pulse counter and its display


free counter

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