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Raspberry PI3 full wifi range hack

The PI3 come with WIFI on board, however it is made using a TINY little antenna !!
and as you may have figures out : tiny antennas = tiny short range
Also if you want to install your Raspberry inside a metal case, you need external antenna
you could use USB-WIFI dongle, they are cheap and easy to install, however dont look cool.
this page simply explain how to solve this for no money.


if this is your first time soldering.. DONT..

Locate the antenna chip marked with RED, carefully REMOVE little useless antenna.
use two soldering irons at the same time, to avoid pcb damage.

Scrape away the green solder resist as shown, add solder to it.

Add new 2mm good quality coax cable, with SMA connector in the other end for case mounting
good idea to add epoxy arround coax solder point, to fix the cable when moved, else soldering might be damaged.

Enjoy full wifi range as any other usb dongle.
if you damage pcb, you can always just disable internal wifi, and use usb dongle wifi,
I just prefer the internal wifi since it require no fumble arround with settings, and external usb dongles are just really ugly.


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