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UHF RC system version 3
UHF RC system, MCX wire antenna detailed

1) Length of the coax is normally cut at 24cm, not extreamly critical. longer length can be made on special requests

use MCX male as pictured

2) Remove outher isolation about 9mm as seen on picture 1, two new wires are soldered to the coax shield and inner conductor

3) the measure point is where shield ends, make each wire exactly 16.3cm, both wires are measured from the same shield point

4) how much glue is not critical, just a little bit, it holds the heatshrink in place and also makes the top wire soldering stable for a much longer time
so be sure the glue covers the area from coax and all the way up over antenna wire

5) add heat shrink over the soldering with heat melt glue.


pictures are some times good to explain too

Length is about 24 cm

each cut is about 3 mm

two normal thinn flexible wires are soldered
1.4mm outher diameter, conductor diamter 0.65mm, not really critical

The soldering, check it is good

Each wire is cut at exactly 16.3cm length

The measuring refference point

SAME point is used to measure BOTH wires

add a little bit of heat melt glue, let it cool down

Add heatshrink, use low temperature and bit extra time, so glue melts, and the wires dont melt.

The finished antenna

Updated Feb 2011, Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU