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FSM Simulator Serial PIC Interface

Bottom side is only the CPU and D1 and R3, see the small size layout

Topside, only one via is made using a thin thread, it is directly under Q1 Emiter pin

After testing I using a bit of heat shrinking tube to secure the wire, I glued it with heat glue,
and then I used some bigger heat shrinking tube all over it.

Here is the schematic. any NPN and PNP type SMD SOT-23 will work I guess.

Component placement top layer. all resistors are 0805 size

Component placement bottom layer, D1 can be SOT23 or what ever you have.

Here are both layers at the same time, just like on the screen when I created it.

First you setup the hardware type and port.

then you select the right channels, it can be different on your transmitter..
maybe you need other invert and maybe your channels are different, depending on your transmitter setup.

Most planes have side rudder in the simulator, use the left stick (left and right) for that.
Adjust all 4 channels so plane is flying away from you when you check all directions.
Beginners do not use the assigned side rudder.. At 50% motor speed, only use the right stick to controll the plane, use slow stick movements.
The only stick with no spring system to center it, is the motor channel.
Note: if a plane ONLY have side rudder (no aileron) then assign the side rudder to your right stick (L & R), else you will not figure it out.

here it is made crystal clear: imagine the red stick I have drawn on this plane is you right stick of your transmitter,
See on the plane what happens when the stick moves towards you the plane go up,
and move stick to the right the plane go right, the same should happen using your radio.
You always stand behind your plane as the dark shadow on this picture and look at the plane, when talking about what is right and left and so on.. got it ?

After a few days you can manage close fly-by invertet, and if you practise often with eger,
you can after a few weeks manage a real RC plane in real life, I promise !!
Note: The FMS simulator is not perfect for learning hoovering on 3D models, but ok to get the basic idea about RC planes in general,
also you need to be perfect every time when you fly towards your self, even upside down :-) try it...
If you want to learn it all using simulators only, then you must purcase one of the expensive simulators.

The FMS Flight Model Simulator download page Get the PC program, it is FREE !!

Original schematic, design and programming done by : E. Brouwer, thanks alot it really works.
The only thing I did was to make a new PCB layout that worked better for me.