www.webx.dk Start page
Info about my weather station
LIVE measurements with nice graphs
LIVE from Weatherlink this one works even if my PC is crashed
Mounting my weatherstation and antenna tons of pictures from a long day of hard work

www.borgervejr.dk I am also on the DMI page called borgervejr, find this dot to see 24hr curves

Wind sensor 10m up
Station : Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus wired (not the radio wireless !! since I am a radioamateur)
Extra UV and Solar radiation sensors.
Installed July 2009
Height of rain sensor 6.5m over ground
Ground level 40m over sea level

My tower consist of 60mm 50mm and 38mm diameter iron

Four web cams are mounted to look in North-East-South-West, just under the wind sensor
click on the LIVE page to see the selected web cam

Top score so far 23/7 2009 121mm rain pr hr

lovely with a bit of rain