800 Watt HF output Poweramplifier

This project was done in 1988, the hole in the front plate is the band selector switch for the output coil

At the rear a powerfull fan will cool the 4 x PL519 tubes

One tube is missing, the anode coils has been disasembled for a restore project, will it ever be finished... ??
At the left, retifier for fillament 24volt. At the right, the filter coils that supply the 24v dc to the tubes,
The DC supply is used to make less hum, when the PA is in FM or AM mode. Most other PA'ers use just the AC directly from the transformer.

The new powersupply transformator is not mounted, but is some place in my celler perhaps...
The PA was working back in 1988 but due to low output, the transformer was sold
There is two counters in the bottom of this picture, one counts up every time a transmit is started
The other one counts houres the PA has power on.
Later the variable tune and load capasitors was changed.
Maybe some day this PA will come back to life, maybe...