Front Plate and case creation

The front plate, width = 204 mm Hight = 54 mm
I have made this front plate design with my PCB program
Then it is easy to make the rest few plates and solder them to a box.
After that, paint it black or what ever collor you like.

Here is the front plate PCB just arrived from the PCB manufacture

The rear side is cobber, so that it is easy to solder the walls to it.

Here is all the PCB parts before soldering.
The depth of 40 mm is the minimum size, now there is no room for batteries or RS-232
All measurements in millimeters as usual.

Here is the M3 nut, before it is soldered to the mounting plate.

Case is now almost ready for painting.

Seen from front, just before painting.

When it is painted, the text can be added, use SENO or LETRA-SET,
Then a transparent paint is sprayed on to secure the text.

Here the unit finished !