1.3GHz Frequency counter

I have build this counter after a design that OZ1DV has done, he also did the software

Closeup view, of the input MAR amp, the PCB at the input is a 50ohm strip line, see the extreme short leads around this amp.

The output swing of the prescaler can not drive the 2nd divider, so I have mounted a transistor amp, just made with a BC547

The brain of the counter is a PIC16F84, it does all the display scan, ranges calculation and main counter.
More info about this counter can be found in the Danish HAM mag called "OZ"
The assembler source with ready HEX files can be downloaded here

About the download:
c6400.asm - 6.4MHz clock version c6400.hex - Ready hex file c8000.asm - 8.0MHz clock version c8000.hex - Ready hex file c8000-2.asm - 8.0MHz clock version, latest update c8000-2.hex - Ready hex file c8025.asm - 8.025MHz clock version c8025.hex - Ready hex file