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Homemade LED 7 segment Clock

I found 8 huge LED 7 segments at a local marked.
so I guess I just had to use them for something usefull hihi.

Each segment is made of 4 LED in series, so a 12 Volt supply is used to drive the display
To make it simple, I'm multiplexing the display, with an update speed about 300 Hz,
there is no flicker at all !

Here is the PIC16F876 controller, NPN and PNP transistors is used to drive the segments
6 IRF530 is used to select each digit, due to the hight peak current a BC547 or even bigger NPN could not be used.

Here is the rear side of the display with the DB15 plug and series resistors.

This was my own homemade wooden case.

Then I gave this clock away as a gift to Claus Urbach then he made this super good looking case for it..

Made October 2004, OZ2CPU.