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MY little Radio Control page

German version here: www.clausurbach.de/rc/gps-rc-meter.htm

Put this little gadget on your RC plane, RC boat, RC helicopter, Bicycle, Skateboard, or whatever you can imagine ?!?!
then you will always be able to tell your friends: HOW FAST, HOW HIGHT can you go, and much more read futher..

This page explain how the 1.01 Firmware works, LATEST version is here

The first boot up screen, after this version is displayed, and then the WAITING FOR GPS screen until lock.

side view

bottom view

Functions and menu system

click on the MENU button will advance one screen.

1: clock and heading 0-360

2: Actual speed and height (in the selected scale)

3: MAX speed and MAX height (click select to reset)

4: Actual position in WGS84 format, hi digits

5: Actual position in WGS84 format, low digits

6: Actual temperatures if the optional sensors are installed (click select to toggle C/F scale)

7: MAX temperatures (click select to reset)

8: Trip distance in the selected scale (click select to reset)

9: clock offset up (click select to + value)

10: clock offset down (click select to - value)


Size: 40mm width, 71mm long, 17mm thick
Weight: 42 gr.
Powersupply: 5.0V 80-100mA (designed for 5.0V BEC systems)
reverse polarity protected - a fuse will blow in such case !
no over voltage protection 5.5V is MAX !!

The two buttons explained and how to power it. use a 1:1 female female servo cable and simply plug it into your receiver
remember to check your BEC system supply 5.0V and can handle 80-100mA extra without over heating and shut down !!!
well I think 80mA will be no problem for any BEC system, just wanted to say it.

If you have 6V or anything over 5V available only in your plane, you need a regulator called LDO
Low Drop Out, I can supply such a unit at extra cost:

it can supply your GPS RC Meter from 5V to 25V of input voltage, and even protect it from spikes and reverse voltages,
ok the LDO will blow a capacitor if reversed, but the expensive GPS RC Meter will continue to live :-)

Extra features for advanced users

The GPS connector can be removed and serial converter / usb interface connected (not supplied af default)
a free Windows PC program can be used to change GPS init settings and calibrate several settings

Voltage and Current measurements is possible using optional sensors (not supplied as default)
the pin connectors on the side for Voltage, Current, Temperature 1 and 2,
are also not soldered to the board as default, the users must do this when/if they upgrade with sensors
then this meter can read out Peak current, max and min voltage, Watt and peak Watt, and mAh usage
The two temperature readouts handle from -50 to +150C in 1C resolution (not supplied as default)

This unit have a BOOTLOADER so they can upgraded later when new features are invented

PC setup software

several extra settings is available when connected to a PC.
however for most people the default settings will be just fine

The PC sw also have a layout editor so txt in all menus can be changed if needed.
you can even add your own name to it.

More Pictures

Pictures from Customers send in:

Here a Multiplex Funjet performing 103 kmh max speed

June 17 2008, OZ2CPU