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My HAM Transceivers and other stuff

Homemade 20m SSB Transceiver with DDS, PIC16, 10.7Mhz IF (more info)
Sommerkamp FT-277EE HF transcever with 3 tubes in the output stage (more info)
SATCOM 1000 FM 27Mhz CB transcever for fun with my kids (more info)
YAESU FT-290R 144-146 All mode transcever (more info)
AP2000 VHF 25W 144-146 FM transceiver, with homemade CPU to control the PLL
TALCO VHF 30W 144-146 FM transceiver, also with homemade display and CPU (more info)
AP2000 UHF 40W 432-438 FM transceiver, new homemade CPU system (mouch more AP info)
Icom IC910 100W tri-bander, all mode, 2m 70cm 23cm

Power Supply:

Homemade variable 0-20 Volt, 3A link
Homemade fixed 14 Volt 25 A Linear link
Homemade trible output variable link
Homemade fixed 12.0 Volt 8 Amp.
Homemade fixed 13.8 Volt 5 Amp.
Modified PC 200 Watt Powersupply 13.5 Volt 14 Amp. cont. 20 Amp. peak (more info)
Modified PC 400 Watt Powersupply 13.7 Volt 18 Amp. cont. 30 Amp. peak (more info)
Lead Acid Battery 60Ah for backup and Transmit power
Homemade DC powerload 0-75 A (more info)

My Antennas

Tri bander 2m 70cm 23cm COMET GP95, Gain: VHF=6dB, UHF=8,6dB, 1296MHz=12,8dB, 2,4mt
144-146 Mhz 2meter 5/8 wave glasfiber Procom (see it)
432-438 Mhz 70cm 5/8 wave steel HMP (see it)
432-438 Mhz 70cm 20 ell Yagi Beam from Triax (more info)
14 Mhz 20meter 1/4 wave homemade wire dipol, horisontal
7 Mhz 40m band vertical for my mobile DX expiditions, 10m long! (see it)

My Antennas and station at work

18meter tall tower, with elevator and pan/tilt system fully computer controlled and even remote controllable. (see it)